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Privacy Policy

Please read carefully the privacy policy and terms of use agreement of Safa Co, LTD services.


By using our Safa online shop, you are declaring that you have read, agreed and understood the content of our agreement of your own free will.


When completing the purchase order process, we ask for your personal information mainly for marketing and promotion purposes as well as notifying you of newly coming products and services.



Personal information:

It is any information that tells us who you are like your first name, surname, address, zip/postal code, your email, your phone number and any personal information that you may enter.


We may collect any personal information from the user in the following cases:


-          Signing up in our shop

-          Subscribing in our newsletter

-          Buying from our shop

-          Reward programs and/or promotions

-          Applying for coupons

-          Contact us page

-          Feedback/Evaluation  

-          Suggestions

-          Anything else that the user might share in our shop


Note that if the personal information is not shared, you will not be able to make purchase orders or be able to participate in any kind of promotions if there is any. And we will not be able to send you our new products and services. Also, we cannot reply to your enquires (contact us) if you were to make any


While you use our shop, you might be linked or redirected to third-party websites outside our shop, which they are under our control, however, those third-party websites might have different privacy policy and terms of use than ours. It is your responsibility to read and review their privacy policy and we will not be liable for any kind of consequences or damages that may occur to the user



Auto-generated information:


It is any information that are being automatically generated by our web server (which might be hosted by a third-party entity) or any outsider tools like (Google Analytics) in which your server web is providing for every time you visit our shop

We might use this auto-generated information to administrate our system, develop and update our shop content and design or ultimately to personalize your user experience for your own convenience. Generally, we can use such information to analyze the shop usage experience and/or evaluate the traffic towards the shop



Safa Co, LTD has the full right to change its own privacy policy and terms of use at any time. In case this happens, you will be notified through our shop. You must review our privacy policy and terms of use constantly to remain updated