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Cooksell deep frying pans 36 cm

Cooksell deep frying pans 36 cm
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Cooksell deep frying pans 36 cm
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Cooksell deep frying pans 36 cm

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COOKCELL, The healthier choice for you:

Combining the benefits of stainless steel and non-stick coating, we create a cookware of high durability that allows you to cook with less oil.

Germany - China - Korea

Patented Technology Product

Using a laser etching process, we create the patented Hexagonal design of the cookware. This unique design creates raised stainless steel on the surface. The non-stick coating is applied on the concave bottom, enhancing the non-stick performance and product durability.


Tri-Ply Construction

COOKCELL uses the highest quality materials

Resistance to rust & Good reliability

Energy efficient, Durable & Lightweight

The inner layer

- Japan Daikin Non-stick Coating

- 304 Stainless Steel

Food Grade Safe Stainless Steel

Superior resistance to corrosion and oxidization paired with durability



The middle layer

- Aluminum

An excellent heat conductor. Provides the cookware with excellent thermal efficiency, heats the cookware evenly and



The outermost layer

- 430 Stainless Steel

This layer of magnetic stainless steel allows the cookware to work on all kinds of stoves, including the newer induction



Product Features


COOKCELL is PFOA Free. Does not emit any harmful chemicals when heated



Requires less oil and low heat. Allows you to preserve the food's nutritional value



Using the highest grade of Japan Daikin Coating infused with Diamond dust

Excellent non-stick performance


Rivet less Design

No rivets. Prevents rust and residue

Maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness

Spot Welding Technology to keep the handle intact and provide a firm grip


Excellent Thermal Efficiency

The middle aluminum layer allows even and fast heat distribution across the cookware


Easy to Wash

Excellent non-stick performance allows users to wash with ease


Cooktop Compatibility

- Gas

- Induction

- Electric

- Ceramic

- Oven (Max oven temperature 200 Degrees, remove glass lid if applicable)


Use & Care for Cooking

Silicone, Wooden and Metal Kitchen utensils can be used with COOKCELL


For Cleaning, we recommend using a soft sponge

Abrasive dishwashers will damage the coating surface in the long run



Q) Can I use metal kitchen utensils for cooking?

A) Yes, metal kitchen utensils can be used with COOKCELL cookware


Q) Can I use a big fire or high temperature?

A) No, ALWAYS use low heat/fire when cooking. COOKCELL cookware has high thermal efficiency. Using high heat/fire will cause food to be overcooked easily and stick issues.


Q) Do I need to use oil?

A) Yes, oil is essential in cooking as it acts as a layer of protection for the cookware. Dry heating the cookware will damage the coating in the long run. Use less oil while cooking and always put oil first before turning on the fire.


Q) Can this be used on an induction cooktop?

A) Yes, COOKCELL cookware is compatible with induction cooktop


Q) Why do I face stick issues?

A) Low heat/fire is the key to using COOKCELL cookware


Some other key points to take note of include:

1) Make sure the oil is hot before you start cooking

 (2Spread the oil around the surface area where you cook